Vein deseases

Individual and modern treatments for your new leg feeling

Do you sometimes have heavy legs, tingling or itching in some places? Are your ankles swollen? These can be the first signs of weak veins.

Spider veins, which are often only cosmetically annoying, can also be the cause of a serious vein disease. Swollen and/or painful legs, a feeling of tightness or reddish/bluish discolouration of the skin are also common symptoms. skin discolouration are also frequently expressed symptoms of venous vascular disease. If left untreated, these initial symptoms can develop into serious complications, such as varicose veins, open leg or deep vein thrombosis.

For your new leg feeling, we offer you the most modern and proven examination and treatment methods. Our experience for more than 20 years and the resulting successful treatments are what set us apart.
New procedures such as micro-sclerotherapy or endovenous treatments (e.g. with laser) are constantly being developed and can be adapted to your individual needs after a detailed examination.

Our specialist for vein diseases, med.univ. Leyla Rafi-Stenger, will be happy to advise you in this regard.

Varicose veins
Spider vein