Our philosophy

Our concept of health

Health is wealth – in fact, it is our most precious asset. Yet we often realise its importance only when we lose it.

Treating diseases when they manifest is not the only way to be healthy. In fact, the secret for long life is to stay healthy through a health-promoting lifestyle.

This is why our special focus lies in prevention – which, as we all know, is better than cure. Diseases and dysfunctions need to be detected before they reach an advanced stage and become more difficult to treat. This applies not only to the various forms of cancer, but above all to atherosclerosis and the severe consequences it can bring on, such as heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Sensible prevention must consider the body in its entirety.

A holistic approach, however, requires rethinking medical and organisational approaches. Bringing together different specialists is not enough, if each focuses exclusively on their own field of specialism. To be effective, preventive healthcare needs to be solidly science-based.

By establishing the Quellenhof Medical Center, we created a reference point in South Tyrol for prevention and early diagnosis. Our services cater not only to those who need medical care on an outpatient basis, but also to individuals who wish to make time for their health and combine the medical services of our centres with the prestigious amenities of a first-class medical wellness resort.

Dr.in med. univ. Leyla Rafi-Stenger
& the whole team at the Medical Center Quellenhof