Preventive medical care & check-ups

Prevention at the Medical Center Quellenhof

Preventive medical care is among the most important measures to be able to diagnose several illnesses early and correspondingly treat them quickly and effectively. At the Medical Center Quellenhof we offer you a whole range of check-ups that are selected during an in-depth consultation with a doctor and tailored to your personal needs. Regular preventive medical care gives you reassurance, enables us to take appropriate action to prevent illness and improve your vitality, quality of life and health, as your health, your greatest asset, has to be protected. We will examine your state of health in a calm relaxed atmosphere and we will show you how to prevent the onset of diseases and how to maintain your health also afterwards, at home.
Our prevention programs rigorously follow the EBM guidelines, i.e. the directives of the various professional associations based on in-depth studies. We plan individual examinations according to the number of examinations recommended and on the basis of your needs, in order to save time.The checks can be carried out on an out-patient basis or within the framework of a stay at Quellenhof

The results will then be clearly analyzed
and discussed at a meeting with the doctor who will inform you of your objective state of health. You will also receive a personal prevention program.


Full-body scanner for early skin cancer detection

Skin cancer is now by far the most common form of cancer, ahead of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.
The numbers of black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) - the most dangerous tumour of the skin - are increasing every year. But the less aggressive, white skin cancer, is also steadily increasing.

The groundbreaking and state-of-the-art 3D full-body scanner is a 3D imaging system for full-body images specifically designed for the field of dermatology. It captures almost the entire skin surface in macro resolution with just one image.

With sophisticated computer technology and the aid of artificial intelligence, it is then possible to detect early forms of skin cancer and treat them adequately. With the help of the fully integrated software, we can map and observe pigmented lesions and scattered skin diseases.

In the long term, the goal is to prevent manifest skin cancer from developing in the first place by recognising and treating preliminary stages of skin cancer.

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