Our partners

Concentrated expertise in all medical specialities

Dr Roberto Pittini
Specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine and specialised in pain therapy

Dr.med.univ. Claudio Pinzetta
Specialist in general surgery

For lab tests
Laboratory of the St. Anna private clinic in Merano

For diagnostic imaging
Omega diagnostic centre in Bolzano
Directed by Dr. Georg Mahlknecht, specialist in radiology

Surgery Centre St. Anna in Merano

One focus of the Medical Centre is the conservative and surgical treatment of vein, rectal and skin diseases. While we perform so-called minor surgical procedures almost without exception on an outpatient basis in our practice rooms, major procedures requiring partial or general anaesthesia are performed on a day surgery basis or as part of an inpatient stay at the St. Anna Surgery Centre in Merano.

The private clinic St. Anna is a medical centre with a long tradition in the spa town of Merano. In addition to outpatient clinics and a wing for inpatient stays, it houses a surgical centre with two operating theatres equipped to the latest standards, in which procedures from all special surgical disciplines are performed. The ward, relatively new and modernly equipped, offers the highest possible comfort.