The Team at the Medical Center Quellenhof

Professional expertise & extensive know-how

We listen to you and take time for you!

Under the direction of med. univ. Leyla Rafi-Stenger, competent doctors and medical assistants take care of your health and well-being at the Medical Center Quellenhof.

Our team is always there for you - if you have questions, need medical advice, are ill or worried - we take time for you!

Every day we put all our energy and expertise into your health and quality of life. And so that you feel completely at ease with us, a warm atmosphere within the team is particularly important to us. Our daily pleasure in our work and the well-being of our patients always come first. We try to help in every situation and do everything to ensure that you go home happy and, above all, healthy. med. univ. Leyla Rafi-Stenger
Specialist in dermatology

Medical education:

  • University of the Saarland: 1993-2000
  • Licence to practise medicine: 2002
  • Doctorate: 2001
  • Specialist in dermatology: 2004

Additional qualifications:

Professional practice:

  • Senior physician at the University Dermatological Clinic Rostock (Director: Prof. Gros) 2004-2005Senior physician and head of the surgical centre at the Dermatological Clinic Lemgo (Director: Prof. Dr. med. Dippel) 2005-2007
  • Medical Co-Director of the Vein Competence Centre Saarlouis 2007-2018
  • Deputy Medical Director of the Department of Phlebology/Proctology and Operative Dermatology at St. Josef Hospital, Saarbrücken-Dudweiler 2007-2015
  • Deputy Medical Director of the Department of Phlebology/Proctology and Operative Dermatology at Knappschaftsklinikum Püttlingen (academic teaching hospital of Saarland University) 2016-2018
  • Freelancer at the Vein Centre Saarlouis 2019-2020
  • Active doctor for phlebology, proctology, dermatology at the Medical Center Quellenhof in St.Martin/Passeier since 2020


  • Member of the German Society for Phlebology
  • Member of the Professional Association of German Phlebologists
  • Member of the German Society for Dermatological Surgery
  • Publications and lectures on phlebological topics Claudio Pinzetta
Specialist in general surgery

Medical training:

  • Medical studies at the University of Turin
  • Specialist in general surgery in Austria


Professional practice:

  • Worked at the hospitals in Silandro and Merano
  • Collaboration at the University Hospital Regensburg
  • Since 2008 freelance work in Bolzano in collaboration with the Marienklinik and the Cityclinic
  • Since 2022 also working at the Medical Center Quellenhof
  • Author of scientific publications in international journals and numerous lectures at home and abroad
Michaela Waldthaler
Certified nutrition therapist

Training as a nutrition therapist:

  • Bachelor of Science nutrition therapist, Claudiana- Training Centre for Health Professions in South Tyrol.
  • Graduation with excellent success: 110 out of 110 points.

Main focus:

  • Holistic nutrition
  • Vegan nutrition

Topics covered in the training:

  • Metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus type I and II, obesity
  • Cardiology, hepatology, nephrology, neurology
  • Gastroenterological diseases and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Vegetarian, vegan and sustainable diets

Professional practice:
1,500 completed hours of internships in the

  • Health care South Tyrol: Bolzano, Merano, Silandro, Brunico, San Candido hospitals
  • Nephrology rehabilitation centre "Ederhof" Lienz
  • University Hospital Innsbruck, Department of Paediatrics
  • Geriatric Private Clinic Vienna
  • Neurological Rehab Clinic Berlin
Ennemoser Katharina
Ennemoser Werner
Medical masseur
Niederkofler Anita
Medical assistant
Waibl Brigitte
Reception & Administration