Complementary treatment methods

In addition to traditional physiotherapy and medical massages to regain and improve coordination, movement and treat pain conditions, we also use various devices used in medicine to support therapy, such as:

  • TECAR-THERAPY (warming deep current therapy).
  • PNEUMATRON-THERAPY (cupping, lymph drainage and deep massage as stimulation)
  • PUSHWELL THERAPY (vibratory impulses - sound waves)
  • PAPIMI-THERAPY (warming electromagnetic impulses - cell therapy)
  • MEDI-MOUSE (measuring the shape and mobility of the spine)
  • SWING-MED (spinal stretching)
  • LASER-THERAPY (local biostimulation in deep tissue)
  • COLD THERAPY (local cryotherapy for acute injuries)
  • BIO-IMPEDANCE ANALYSIS (determination of body composition)
  • NEW: VELIO (performance of a completely integrated fitness test in 3D)