Exercise & Sport

Everything for your health

Exercise and sport are a source for our health and general wellbeing – we know that at the Medical Center Quellenhof and have prepared a comprehensive range in this area. The right amount of exercise is the best prevention against a whole variety of different illnesses and complaints.

In combination with healthy eating, exercise and sport are crucial for you to feel good in your own skin [Skin], remain effective and strengthen your health. Whether it’s alone or together with a personal trainer, based on a personal training plan or as the mood takes you – if you keep exercising and doing sport according to your level of ability and fitness, your vitality and quality of life improve tremendously.

As part of computer-aided training analysis, your stamina and heart activity are recorded, strength and strength endurance as well as speed, responsiveness, bounce, coordination and body balance are measured and analysed.

We also put together personal training programmes for exercise and sport for beginners and advanced, as well as for professionals who want to work specifically on their weak points. Your progress can be analysed at any time and your targets can be adapted – for the best performance result. 

Our approaches

We "measure" the motor characteristics (influencing the quality of life)


We "know" through measured potential recognition where improvement is needed


We "act" with an individually tailored concept (training concept)