Proctology at the Medical Center Quellenhof

Focus on the rectum

Proctology specifically relates to changes and illnesses of the rectum and anus. At the Medical Center Quellenhof we carry out specific outpatient procedures, while surgeries under local or general anaesthetic are performed at the St. Anna private clinic in Merano/Meran

You can flexibly put together your own personal health module from the different individual treatments. You are welcome to preselect these with your GP. As each individual treatment includes a consultation with a doctor we can refine and complete your selection during this.

Anoscopy (optical examination of the anal canal) & visit

With an anoscopy the last 10 cm of the gastrointestinal tract is examined using a roughly 10 cm long rigid tube that is about as thick as your finger and contains a light source. This examination is not painful at all. No special preparation (enema etc.) is required for this.

Venue: Medical Center Quellenhof

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