Back check-up at the Medical Center Quellenhof

Excellent posture

The back check-up at the Medical Center Quellenhof is carried out using a handy, technically sophisticated measuring device – the MediMouse® or SpinalMouse®. It allows for the spine to be checked without any radiation and provides a computer-aided representation of the spine’s shape and flexibility.

The advantage of the MediMouse® is in its accuracy and the patient friendly measuring of the spine. With the help of the back check-up, you obtain important data about the spine’s posture, flexibility and curvature as well as the back length and pelvic position. This results in useful recommendations for the necessary treatments and/or training options together with a physiotherapist.

You can flexibly put together your own personal health module from the different individual treatments. You are welcome to preselect these with your GP. As each individual treatment includes a consultation with a doctor we can refine and complete your selection during this.

Back check-up

Venue: Medical Center Quellenhof

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