Hereditary diseases & early diagnosis

Genetic analysis at the Medical Center Quellenhof

Hereditary diseases are triggered and passed down by a genetic mutation or atypically altered genes. Depending on the nature of the hereditary disease, early diagnosis can save lives. At the Medical Center Quellenhof we know all about this urgency and are the only centre in South Tyrol to offer genetic analysis for the early diagnosis of hereditary diseases.

In partnership with a modern genetic analysis and research laboratory in Europe, we determine your predisposition and the likelihood that you will fall ill with a certain disease and support you with the prevention and treatment of the disease by referring you to renowned specialists in the respective field. 

You can flexibly put together your own personal health module from the different individual treatments. You are welcome to preselect these with your GP. As each individual treatment includes a consultation with a doctor we can refine and complete your selection during this.