Our understanding of health

The medical specialists staff’s philosophy

Health is a person’s greatest asset. We usually only notice how important it is though when it’s gone. Health is not just achieved by treating illnesses that have already cropped up. The secret to a long life is in living healthily and remaining healthy.

We, the medical specialists staff at the Medical Center Quellenhof therefore particularly focus on preventing illnesses as prevention is better than cure. Illnesses and abnormalities have to be diagnosed before they are too far advanced and therefore difficult to treat. This doesn’t just apply to various cancers, but also above all to arteriosclerosis and their secondary conditions such as heart attack, stroke or dementia.

Sensible preventive medical care must look at and consider the person as a whole. This holistic approach requires a medical and organisational rethink though. It is not enough to bring different consultants together in one practice where everyone just concentrates on their speciality. The person has to be seen, examined and assessed as a whole.

With the Medical Center Quellenhof we have succeeded in creating a structure where prevention and early diagnosis are at its very heart. We reach out to people who prefer outpatient care, as well as those who to love to retreat for a few days and also use the amenities of a first-class wellness hotel in addition to the examinations at the Medical Center.