Naturopathy at the Medical Center Quellenhof

The force of nature in healing illnesses

Naturopathy offers various effective methods to complement and support conventional medical treatments with its holistic approach. Naturopathy methods activate the body’s self-healing powers, include aspects such as exercise and nutrition and promote a natural lifestyle.

Naturopathy doesn’t just have a positive influence on the patient’s body but on their psyche, too. It boosts self-confidence, improves inner balance and fosters social skills.

To support every patient in the best way possible during the recovery process, all treatments are personally tailored to their needs. Naturopathy often significantly contributes to an improvement in quality of life with the treatment of cancers in particular.

At the Medical Center Quellenhof we work among others with trace elements and vitamins, use the healing power of herbs and other plants, offer acupuncture and methods from traditional Chinese medicine as well as osteopathy, lymph drainage and biofeedback. 

You can flexibly put together your own personal health module from the different individual treatments. You are welcome to preselect these with your GP. As each individual treatment includes a consultation with a doctor we can refine and complete your selection during this.