Covid-19 testing

All tests are performed by our qualified personnel

Besides the well-known hygiene and distancing rules, regular testing and the prompt isolation of positive cases remain the most effective measures to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. This remains true also in the face of a slowly increasing vaccination coverage rate, as it is not completely clear yet to what extent and for how long vaccinated people can pass on the virus, despite being protected from it.

At the Quellenhof Medical Center we offer three different test options:

  • Classic PCR lab tests
    This type of test detects the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is currently considered the most reliable diagnostic method. Results are available in 18-24 hours.
    Price: €110

  • Rapid antigen tests (nasal swab)
    The antigen test detects antigens – i.e. protein fragments from the virus. The procedure is as simple and quick as a pregnancy test – results are available within 10 minutes. A positive result indicates that infection has likely occurred, but needs to be confirmed by a PCR test.
    Price: €40

  • Antibody blood test (quantitative test)
    This new type of test determines the concentration of coronavirus antibodies in the blood, e.g. in cases of suspected infection, after recovery from Covid-19 or after vaccination. Results are available in a couple of days.
    Price: €80

The WHO advises against using rapid antibody tests as a basis for screening. For this reason, we no longer offer this type of test.